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LDV G10 (04/15-on) Rear Protection


Formula Offroad Rear Protection Bar configurations available:

Loop Rear No tow.


  • Anodized alloy step tread
  • Black or Chrome outer loops

Product Code: LRBSNO (black loops)+ vehicle details.

Product Code: LRBCNO (chrome loops) + vehicle details.

Loop Rear Standard Tow.


  • Anodized alloy step tread
  • Black or chrome outer loops
  • light duty towbar with bolt-on flat goose neck.

Product Code: LRBS (black loops) + vehicle details.

Product Code: LRBC (chrome loops) + vehicle details.

Tow Cap: 1500 kg Ball Cap: 150 kg


* Please inform our staff if you have Coil or Leaf Rear Suspension.

** Reverse Sensors can be relocated onto the rear bar from the vehicle bumper bar utilizing our Sensor holders. Sensor wiring must be lengthened to suit. See our NEW PRODUCTS page for more info.